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Prof. Trachtenberg Discusses Ethics of Law School Marketing with Bloomberg Law TV

September 12th, 2013

Prof. Ben Trachtenberg

Prof. Ben Trachtenberg recently spoke on current issues involving the ethics of law school marketing in an interview with Bloomberg Law TV. These ethical marketing issues caught national attention after two law school administrators were caught and severely sanctioned for falsifying law school student data in order to boost their rankings.

While some believe these incidents may be outliers within the law community, Prof. Trachtenberg sees a bigger picture and growing issues for legal education as a whole: “Legal education still has a problem with giving good, forthright usable statistics that are fully honest and giving full disclosure to prospective students.”

Prof. Trachtenberg further commented on potential future actions state bars may take to address unethical marketing in law schools: “I can imagine some state bars, at some point, saying ‘Look you’ve known about this for so long and you didn’t do anything? We are going to call that misrepresentation. We’re going to call that dishonesty.” He also believes there is a lot more law schools and the American Bar Association can do to promote a law school’s duty to engage in forthright and honest marketing.

Prof. Trachtenberg also commented on the potential effects of recent governmental actions against higher education institutions and the potential of consolidating law school into a two-year degree program.


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