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Prof. Strong Publishes New Articles in U.S., England

October 4th, 2013

Prof. S.I. Strong

Prof. S.I. Strong recently had several new articles published in the United States and Europe.

The first item, Cross-Border Collective Redress and Individual Participatory Rights:  Quo Vadis?,32 Civil Justice Quarterly 508 (2013), appeared in England’s leading journal on civil procedure and addressed the problems that arise under the Brussels I Regulation, the European Union’s primary legislation on choice of courts and jurisdiction, when mass claims are asserted across European borders.

The second piece, Discovery Under 28 U.S.C. §1782: Distinguishing International Commercial Arbitration and International Investment Arbitration, 1 Stanford Journal of Complex Litigation 295 (2013), appeared in the inaugural issue of the journal and arose out of a symposium at Stanford University Law School concerning the decades-long, multibillion dollar legal dispute between Chevron Corporation and Ecuador relating to damage to the Ecuadorian environment dating back to the 1960s-1990s.

The final piece, Increasing Legalism in International Commercial Arbitration:  A New Theory of Causes, A New Approach to Cures, 7 World Arbitration and Mediation Review 117 (2013), considers why international commercial arbitration has become increasingly legalistic in recent years.  The article is part of a symposium issue dealing with changes in the international arbitral regime over the last ten to twenty years.

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