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Mizzou Law American Constitutional Society Named National Student Chapter of the Week

October 9th, 2013

The week of October 21, 2013, will be dedicated to the School of Law’s chapter of the American Constitution Society (ACS), in honor of its selection as the National ACS Student Chapter of the Week. According to Mizzou Law ACS Chapter President, 2L Jillian Dent, the local chapter has been very busy since August. The ACS board worked hard to recruit first-year law students through the activities fair and held social activities for both first year students and ACS members.

ACS has also hosted two very successful debates with the Federalist Society: Constitution Day Debate: Originalism vs. A Living Constitution, featuring Prof. Ben Trachtenberg of Mizzou Law and John McGinnis of Northwestern Law, and DOMA & Prop-8: The Legal Implications, featuring Ian Millhiser of the Center for American Progress.

Through its numerous events and other opportunities, Mizzou Law’s chapter of ACS furthers the society’s national goals by presenting important legal ideas and perspectives, which challenge the way in which those involved with legal education, the law profession and policy making think about and apply the Constitution in today’s society.

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