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High School Football Concussions Focus of Special Report Featuring Prof. Abrams

November 14th, 2013

Doug Abrams

KCTV5 in Kansas City recently aired a special report about whether Missouri high schools are doing enough to protect football players from traumatic brain injuries caused by concussions. The report found, among other things, that high school players do not get basic care that is standard in the NCAA and the National Football League. For example, 60 percent of Missouri high schools do not have certified athletic trainers at all, and only six percent have certified athletic trainers at practice sessions, where most concussions occur.

The reporter interviewed Prof. Doug Abrams about proposed rules changes in youth football. “The rules for the kids have to be a little bit different than the rules for adults. . . . Kids deserve better from their games than brain injuries; that’s not what they’re playing for. . . . We have to stop looking at youth sports and thinking these kids are just miniature professionals because they are not; they are kids.”

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