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Prof. Abrams Interviewed about Youth Coaches’ Decisions that Clash with Parents’ Values

November 18th, 2013

Doug Abrams

Over the objections of some parents who did not permit their sons to attend, a Corbett, Oregon middle school football coach recently held the team’s year-end awards dinner at a nearly Hooters restaurant.

On WFAN, New York’s all-sports radio station, Prof. Doug Abrams criticized the coach for refusing to hold the dinner at a venue comfortable to all the parents. “When parents enroll their son or daughter in a sports program, they grant the coach a tangential role in the child’s upbringing. . . . Parents, however, do not cede their primary childrearing role to the coach. . . . Whether to patronize Hooters with their young boys is a family decision that squarely rests with parents because responsibility for childrearing begins in the home and not in the locker room.”

Prof. Abrams also wrote a blog column about parental decision making and other issues arising from the Corbett middle school dinner.

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