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Professor Publishes New Works in United States, Europe

November 19th, 2013

Prof. S.I. Strong

Prof. S.I. Strong recently published several new works in Europe and the United States.

The first, “Collective Consumer Arbitration in Spain: A Civil Law Response to U.S.-Style Class Arbitration,” 30 Journal of International Arbitration 495 (2013), addresses a statutory form of large-scale arbitration that arises in the post-dispute context. This mechanism could provide an answer to the various problems that are anticipated to develop in the United States following the recent Supreme Court decisions in Oxford Health Plans LLC v. Sutter and American Express Co. v. Italian Colors Restaurants.

Prof. Strong also had two book reviews published. The first, “Constitutional Conundrums in Arbitration,” appeared in 15 Cardozo Journal of Conflict Resolution 41 (2013) and discussed Prof. Peter Rutledge’s new work, Arbitration and the Constitution (Cambridge University Press 2013). The second, “Arbitration of International Business Disputes: Studies in Law and Practice,” appeared in 29 Arbitration International671 (2013) and discussed Prof. William Park’s book of the same title, which was published by Oxford University Press earlier this year.

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