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Prof. Uphoff Discusses Next Legal Steps in the Ryan Ferguson Case

November 20th, 2013

Prof. Rod Uphoff

Prof. Rod Uphoff was recently interviewed about the next legal steps Ryan Ferguson, who was recently released from jail, may take against the parties who were involved in his wrongful conviction. Missouri’s wrongful conviction compensation statute provides money to some individuals who have been wrongfully convicted.  However, Ferguson is ineligible to receive such compensation under that statute because it only applies in cases where the defendant was exonerated as a result of DNA evidence.

Prof. Uphoff, who is an expert in wrongful convictions, stated that if Ferguson wants to seek any compensation for his wrongful conviction he would have to bring a lawsuit against the prosecutor, Mr. Crane, his investigator, and /or the police if they were somehow involved in the failure to disclose or turn over exculpatory evidence. He also stated Ferguson may consider including the City of Columbia or Boone County. He will face considerable difficulty in collecting. If he is successful, however, Uphoff said” it’s unfortunately the taxpayers who end up paying for the misconduct of the police, prosecutors, or someone else in the system.”

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