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Prof. Abrams’ Articles Liken Cyberbullying Victimization to Educational Disabilities

November 25th, 2013

Doug Abrams

The Missouri Law Review has published Prof. Doug Abrams’ article, “Bullying Victimization as a Disability in Public Elementary and Secondary Education.” The article is part of the Review’s 2012 symposium, “Cyberbullying: Emerging Realities and Legal Challenges,” which he co-directed with Prof. Chris Wells.

The article explains that public schools may feel greater impulse to protect victims if school authorities recognize how face-to-face bullying and cyberbullying impose the sort of educational deprivation that federal disability law has mandated schools to accommodate since 1975.

Prof. Abrams continued to link cyberbullying victimization and educational disabilities in a symposium held this year at the Temple Law School. The Temple Political & Civil Rights Law Review will publish his article next month.

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