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Prof. Dessem Discusses the Non-Economic Benefits of a Law Degree

January 28th, 2014

Prof. Larry Dessem

Prof. Larry Dessem co-wrote (with Prof. Gregory Stein) an article in the Hastings Law Journal’s online publication, Voir Dire. In the article, “The True Value of a Law Degree, or Why Did Thurgood Marshall Go to Law School?” Profs. Dessem and Stein discuss the many non-economic benefits of a law degree and suggest that prospective law students consider these benefits in deciding whether to apply to law school.

Last fall Prof. Dessem chaired the 2014 Nominating Committee of the Association of American Law Schools (AALS). He presented his committee’s nominations for president-elect and members of the executive committee to the AALS House of Representatives at the AALS Annual Meeting. During the meeting, Prof. Dessem spoke on a panel on law school transfer students and their impact on offices of admissions and student services.

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