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The New York Times Recognizes Prof. Bowman’s Forthcoming Work

January 30th, 2014

Prof. Frank Bowman

Prof. Frank Bowman’s forthcoming Missouri Law Review article was recently quoted in a New York Times article addressing recent Supreme Court rulings banning mandatory life sentences for juveniles convicted of serious crimes, such as murder. The court applied the Eighth Amendment’s Cruel and Unusual Punishments Clause and concluded that children are less at fault for serious crimes than adults and deserve a chance to redeem themselves through proof of maturity and reformation.

Prof. Bowman’s article agrees that mandatory life terms for juveniles are a terrible idea as a matter of policy, but views the Supreme Court’s constitutional reasoning with a “skeptical eye.” He suggests that the Supreme Court overreached and that its recent decisions “represent a dramatic judicial challenge to legislative authority.”

Prof. Bowman’s article, “Juvenile Lifers and Judicial Overreach: A Curmudgeonly Meditation on Miller v. Alabama” will be a part of a forthcoming Missouri Law Review edition.

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