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Symposium on Comparative Law Features Student Presentations

March 18th, 2014

Prof. S.I. Strong & Prof. Rod Uphoff

Members of Prof. S.I. Strong’s comparative law seminar participated in a student symposium on Saturday, March 15. The event, which was held in the law school courtroom and was open to the public, included a keynote speech from Prof. Rod Uphoff comparing criminal law in the United States and South Africa.


Student contributions included presentations from:

  • Melvin Covington, 3L
    “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Rights in the United States and Uganda”
  • Julia Hartman, 3L
    “Across Space and Time: A Comparison of Ancient Aztec Criminal Law to Modern-Day Criminal Law”
  •  Anna Lanshakova, LLM student
    “Civil Law and Common Law Elements in International Commercial Arbitration”
  • Shawn Lee, 2L
    “Women’s Rights in Afghanistan and Iraq”
  • LaTonya Marshall, 2L
    “Drugs and Punishment in the United States and Mexico: A Comparative Analysis”
  • Cary Press, 3L
    “Restriction of Press in the Western and Arab World”
  • Christine Stamper, 3L
    “Regulations Regarding Organic Food Products in the United States and the European Union: A Brief Comparison”
  • Antonio Stanfield, 2L
    “The United States and Spain: A Comparative View of the Criminal Appellate Process”
  • Blaine Ulmer, 3L
    “Assaulting ‘Assault’: A Comparison of the Blackfeet Tribal Code and the Montana State Code”
  • Lauren Whitaker, 3L
    “Divorce in Revolutionary France”


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