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Prof. Reuben’s Mindfulness Study Referenced In NALP Bulletin

April 8th, 2014

Richard Reuben

Prof. Richard Reuben’s current study on the effects of mindfulness on first-year law students was recently referenced in the National Association of Law Placement’s (NALP) bulletin. The focus of the NALP article featuring the study discussed the impact of mindfulness in the legal profession. Reuben is partnering with Mizzou psychologist Ken Sheldon on the study, which is funded by a Missouri Research Board grant. It is the first such study of law students.

The article, “Great Thinkers and Organizations Impacting the Advancement of Mindfulness in the Legal Profession,” was written by Donna Branca and Sheri Zachary. Branca is the director of SJL Shannon-Legal Career Management and Zachary is the director of career development for Saul Ewing LLP. The article focuses on the potential impact of legal professionals practicing mindfulness by focusing on individuals and organizations currently influencing that area.

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