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Prof. Henson Receives MU Teaching Award

April 16th, 2014

Prof. Chuck Henson

Prof. Chuck Henson recently received the Graduate professional Council’s (GPC) Gold Chalk Award, following nominations by multiple Mizzou Law students. Each year, the GPC awards eight Gold Chalk Awards to faculty members in the various graduate programs that Mizzou offers. Professors who receive the award are nominated because of their significant contributions that they have made to the education and training of graduate and professional students. However, only one faculty member in the School of Law is selected for this award.

The students who nominated Prof. Henson made glowing remarks about his intelligence, intuitiveness and investment in Mizzou Law in their nomination letters. They raved about his commitment to students, how his teaching and mentorship go hand in hand with his work in research and publishing, and about the “bastion of knowledge” he possesses.

As a trial practice expert, Prof. Henson also volunteers his time to serve as a mentor for the Board of Advocates and serves as a coach for Mizzou Law’s various mock trial teams.

Overall, the students described him as what a professor should be to help law students build their careers: a mentor, coach, critic, counselor and friend.