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Prof. Strong Publishes New Case Comments in European Journals

May 7th, 2014

Prof. S.I. Strong

Prof. S.I. Strong recently published two new case comments in European journals.

The first, “Heir of Abaclat? Mass and Multiparty Proceedings: Ambiente Ufficio S.p.A. v. Argentine Republic,” 29 ICSID Review-Foreign Investment Law Journal 149 (2014), discusses an arbitral award allowing 90 claimants to proceed simultaneously in an investment arbitration. The award is the first to cite the ground-breaking decision in Abaclat v. Argentine Republic permitting 60,000 investors to assert their claims in a single investment proceeding.

Prof. Strong’s second publication, “Anti-Arbitration Injunctions in Cases Involving Investor-State Arbitration: British Caribbean Bank Ltd. v. The Government of Belize,” 15 Journal of World Investment Law and Trade 324 (2014), discusses a recent decision by the Caribbean Court of Justice not to enjoin a pending investment arbitration. The case has been closely watched as the international community debates whether and to what extent courts can enjoin treaty-based arbitrations.

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