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Two Mizzou Law Professors Cited in Article on Tax Bill

May 8th, 2014

Prof. Michelle Arnopol Cecil and Prof. Royce Barondes

Prof. Michelle Arnopol Cecil and Prof. Royce Barondes were interviewed by KRCG-TV on the implications of a portion Missouri Senate Bill 509, which would modify individual income taxes, and were mentioned by Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon on Twitter.

Prof. Cecil noted that part of the bill would “eliminate the income tax for any Missourian making more than $9,000 per year,” according to a KRCG article, despite such an elimination being the result of poor drafting on the part of legislators. Prof. Barondes, however, said that though he agreed the bill’s text was not written well, an elimination of the income tax for those making $9,000 per year would be an “extreme interpretation of the bill,” according to the article.

The bill was vetoed by Gov. Nixon, but according to an article in The Kansas City Star, Missouri House Majority Leader John Diehl said that he had the votes required for a two-thirds majority to override the veto.

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