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Columbia Daily Tribune Quotes Prof. Trachtenberg about Sex Crimes Case

August 22nd, 2014

Prof. Ben Trachtenberg

Prof. Ben Trachtenberg was recently quoted in a Columbia Daily Tribune article about a relatively unpublicized Missouri Supreme Court ruling in July that struck down the option for judges to “set aside” sex crime convictions if they determined that a victim’s “otherwise uncorroborated testimony lacked credibility,” according to the article. The precedent has been in place since 1911.

In the article, Prof. Trachtenberg noted that though the effect of the ruling will probably be limited due to the fact that not many cases have been dismissed because of the precedent, the ruling will have “major significance in the development of the law.”

“‘It shows Missouri following a modern trend of getting rid of some antiquated rules that apply only in sex cases and the theory that victim witnesses in sex cases, primarily women, were necessarily more unreliable than in other cases,’” Trachtenberg says in the article.

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