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Prof. Strong Publishes New Articles in Europe and the Americas

September 15th, 2014

Prof. S.I. Strong

Professor S.I. Strong recently had a number of articles published in the United States, Europe and Latin America.

“Limits of Procedural Choice of Law,” 39 Brooklyn Journal of International Law 1027 (2014), arose out of a symposium on choice of governing law and considers party autonomy in matters relating to procedure.

“Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in the United States” was presented at a conference on international procedural law that was held at the University of Passau in Germany and appears in Gegenwartsfragen der Anerkennung im Internationalen Zivilverfahrensrecht und Europäisches Vollstreckungsrecht 57 (2014).

Finally, Professor Strong’s article, “What Constitutes an ‘Agreement in Writing’ in International Commercial Arbitration? Conflicts Between the New York Convention and the Federal Arbitration Act,” 48 Stanford Journal of International Law 47 (2012), was recently reprinted in Spanish as “¿Qué Constituye un ‘Acuerdo por Escrito’ en el Arbitraje Comercial Internacional? Conflictos Entre la Convención de Nueva York y la Ley Federal de Arbitraje” in 20 Revista Internacional de Arbitraje 78 (2014).

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