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Symposium Student Writing Competition Winners Announced

October 15th, 2014

Hulston Hall

Professor S.I. Strong of the law school’s Center for the Study of Dispute Resolution recently announced the winners of a student writing competition sponsored by the Lawyers Conference of the Judicial Division of the American Bar Association. The competition was held in connection with a symposium organized by the law school — “Judicial Education and the Art of Judging: From Myth to Methodology.” In the symposium, Judge Duane Benton of the federal Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit led an international group of experts in a frank discussion of issues relating to the role of judges in society and how judges can and should be educated about their duties.

First place in the writing competition went to Jane Anne O’Neill Edwards, who will receive a JD from Charlotte Law School in 2015. Her submission, “With Age Comes Wisdom… Or Does It?” entitled her to prize money in the amount of $250 and a certificate.

Second place went to Jodie Smith, a May 2014 graduate of the UC Hastings College of Law. Her submission, “Long-Term Thinking in the Judiciary: Might Judges Mitigate Political Paralysis?,” won her prize money in the amount of $50 and a certificate.

Third place went to Christopher Paul Gordon, a May 2014 graduate from the Ohio State University Moritz College of Law, for his submission, “Problem-Solving or Problematic? The Role of the Managerial Judge in Settlement.” He received a certificate.

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