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Mizzou Law Students Recognized with Excellence in Research Awards

May 7th, 2015

Hulston Hall

The Law Library and Advocacy & Research faculty recently announced the top finishers for the annual Excellence in Legal Research Awards. All first-year Mizzou Law students participated in a semester-long competition which included quizzes, continuing education events and a research capstone exercise.

The top finishers are:


Grand Champion: Kory Evans
1st Runner Up:  Alyssa Kenyon-Cordero
2nd Runner Up: Kathryn Langley
3rd Runner Up: Maikieta Brantley

Section 1A

1st Place: Maikieta Brantley
2nd Place:  Abigail Thomas
3rd Place:  Sheaffer Fennessey
Top Email Memo/ Research Capstone:  Sheaffer Fennessey

Section 1B

1st Place: Ethan Duckworth
2nd Place:  Stacey Lannert
3rd Place:  Theresa Mullineaux
Top Email Memo/ Research Capstone: Ethan Duckworth, Stacey Lannert & Tamar Hodges

Section 1C

1st Place:  Logan McWilliams
2nd Place:  Manuel Galeano
3rd Place: Emily Mace
Top Email Memo/ Research Capstone:  Logan McWilliams

Section 2A

1st Place: Katie Lee Kitchen & Shelby Murdock-Kempf
2nd Place:  Adam Hermann
3rd Place: Katherine McMurtrey
Top Email Memo/ Research Capstone: Chase Barclay

Section 2B

1st Place: Kory Evans
2nd Place:  Alyssa Kenyon-Cordero
3rd Place:  Kathryn Langley
Top Email Memo/ Research Capstone: Kory Evans & Alyssa Kenyon-Cordero

Section 2C

1st Place:  Margaret Gibson
2nd Place:  Thomas Wright
3rd Place:  Jordan Ifland
Top Email Memo/ Research Capstone:  Jennifer Bennett