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Mini-Symposium Allows LLM Students to Present to Colleagues

May 15th, 2015

Hulston Hall

Students enrolled in the law school’s LLM Major Research Project course in the spring 2015 recently participated in an all-day “mini-symposium” in which they presented their projects to their program colleagues. Students were also assigned to provide commentary on one of their classmates’ papers.

The topics presented were varied in subject matter, including presentation on the inner-workings of various dispute resolution process, such as Mary Albert’s proposal for studying the effect of fee structures on the quality of mediation services, Lynn Carruth-Rasmusen’s project on the role that grief plays in conducting a mediation, Jose Rodriguez’s discussion on the use of mediation and arbitration in resolving disputes arising in franchise contracts and Ngutjiua Hijarunguru’s comparison of common law and statutory law from a dispute resolution systems design’s perspective.

Several other presentations took the listeners in a world tour of dispute resolution practices in different countries including discussions of workplace mediation in Iceland (by Lilja Bjarnadottir), commercial arbitration in Kosovo (by Rea Kryeziu), dispute resolution practices in the sports industry in South Korea (by Sung-Wan Kim) and a proposal for adopting mediation in resolving divorce matters in Nigeria (by Princess Dugbo).


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