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Professor Peters Addresses Questions Surrounding Graduate School Health Insurance

October 23rd, 2015

Prof. Philip G. Peters Jr

Professor Philip Peters Jr. recently wrote a guest commentary in the Columbia Missourian on the questions surrounding graduate school health insurance. Last summer, the University of Missouri discovered that the health insurance plan offered to its graduate assistants did not meet federal insurance law requirements. In his op-ed, Professor Peters discussed that in September 2013, the IRS ruled that assistance programs similar to MU’s did not meet the requirements of federal law.

Peters wrote, “Nevertheless, the IRS may yet carve out an exception for these university arrangements because it is possible to craft an exception that fulfills all of the goals of the Affordable Care Act while allowing universities to help their part-time graduate assistants.”

He closed his article by offering several options for MU to explore in the interim, which including waiting, having students use Medicaid, sending students grad assistants to the insurance exchange, adding them to the faculty and staff health plan, raising their pay and creating a graduate assistant health plan.


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