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Blogs Note Research Performed by Mizzou Law Faculty

December 3rd, 2015

Dean Litton and Prof. Lietzan

Two professors’ recent work is the subject of blog posts by colleagues at other schools. Stanford Law Professor Lisa Larrimore Ouellette discusses Professor Erika Lietzan’s article, The Myth of Data Exclusivity, on a patent law and intellectual property blog, Written Description. Professor Lietzan’s article addresses the time period during which a generic drug manufacturer may not rely on the data submitted to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration by a drug’s initial developer in its successful application for approval.

Associate Dean Paul Litton’s arguments regarding the criminal law’s stance on philosophical questions about free will and responsibility are the topic of a post on PrawfsBlawg by Adam Kolber of Brooklyn Law School. At stake in their debate is the way in which the criminal law, by its own standards, should consider present and future discoveries of neuroscience.


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