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Professor Hawley Provides Guest Commentary for SCOTUScast

January 4th, 2016

Prof. Erin Morrow Hawley

Professor Erin Morrow Hawley recently recorded a post-argument guest podcast for The Federalist Society on SCOTUScast about Spokeo, Inc. v. Robins. According to SCOTUScast, Robins sued Spokeo, Inc., under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and said that the technology company had published false personal information about Robins. “The question Spokeo raises before the Supreme Court is whether Congress may confer Article III standing upon a plaintiff who suffers no concrete harm, and who therefore could not otherwise invoke the jurisdiction of a federal court, by authorizing a private right of action based on a bare violation of a federal statute,” according to SCOTUScast. Professor Hawley provided commentary on the key facts and arguments of the case in the podcast.



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