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Vital Speeches of the Day publishes a Professor Esbeck Speech

January 26th, 2016

Prof. Carl H. Esbeck

Vital Speeches of the Day‘s January issue included Professor Carl Esbeck’s speech, “A Post-Obergefell America: Is a Season of Legal and Civic Strife Inevitable?”

After discussing the scope and limits of the Obergefell ruling on same-sex marriage, Esbeck urged that the opposing forces not employ the law to impose their coda upon the other. He then suggests a path forward where the liberty of both LGBT communities and traditional religious peoples can be achieved in law dedicated to a rich pluralism of differing sometimes competing associations.

Other speeches in this issue came from President Barack Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry and former University of Missouri System President Tim Wolfe. According to its website, Vital Speeches of the Day publishes “speeches most important to the public concern.”

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