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Professor Peters Discusses Benefits of After-School Programs

July 6th, 2016

Prof. Philip G. Peters Jr

Professor Phil Peters recently discussed the benefits of after-school programs for children with the Columbia Daily Tribune.

According to the article, The Municipal Summit on After-School and Expanded Learning took place at the beginning of June in Kansas City, and it included city officials and employees from Kansas and Missouri. Summit participants discussed that Columbia has many after-school program options, but they are fragmented.

Professor Peters, a leader of the Cradle to Career Alliance that focuses on increasing high school graduation rates, said that the ideas of communication and collaboration, which were stressed at the summit, should be applied to Columbia’s after-school programs.

The article also discusses the benefits of after-school programs, which include keeping children safe as well as lowering crime rates. Professor Peters stresses the importance of keeping community leaders involved in children’s success.

Professor Peters told the Tribune: “We can’t make the assumption they will find their way if we don’t help them on each step of the path. Often that’s going to mean supporting them outside of school.”

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