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Exploring Physics Trademark Registration Marks Milestone for Law School Clinic

August 9th, 2016

Exploring Physics

The law school’s Entrepreneurship Legal Clinic recently had a groundbreaking achievement, when the United States Patent and Trademark Office registered the “Exploring Physics” trademark for one of the clinic’s first clients.

Exploring Physics, LLC, is a startup founded by two prominent MU physics professors, Curators Professor Meera Chandrasekhar and Dorina Kosztin, associate chair of the MU Department of Physics and Astronomy.

Dr. Chandrasekhar and Dr. Kosztin have developed an app-based high school physics curriculum. It involves a hands-on educational experience for ninth graders to learn physics in advance of other STEM courses that rely on the physics foundation for increased success. Their innovation has earned a $5 million grant from the National Science Foundation.

ELC and Vet Clinic with EBV PresentationAccording to Entrepreneurship Legal Clinic Director Jim Niemann, ’93, “The students revere Meera and Dorina because of their genius, but also because they exemplify the ideal client mindset. From day one, they were eager to learn right along with our law students about how form, protect and grow their business. Their legal needs are sophisticated. And our students are motivated to deliver top quality work for such appreciative clients.”

The Entrepreneurship Legal Clinic and its students have benefited from the collaborative expertise of law school alumni at various supporting law firms. Husch Blackwell and one of its intellectual property partners, Nathan Oleen, ’06, were particularly helpful with Exploring Physics’ trademark application.

“Whether it is to validate our approach or answer questions about specialized areas of IP law, Nathan always delivers,” Professor Niemann says. “Our students just love working with him.”

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