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Author interview by Diane Rehm of NPR about internment of Japanese-Americans.

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Japanese Relocation During World War II. Learn more about the Japanese Relocation efforts and see documents like Presidential Executive Order 9066 and photographs taken by the federal government.

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Silver like dust : one family’s story of America’s Japanese internment
By Kimi Cunningham Grant
A young girl growing up in rural Pennsylvania eschews her Japanese heritage until she learns the details of the time her grandmother spent in an internment camp along with 112,000 other Japanese Americans after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Citizen 13660
Drawings and text by Miné Okubo
Okubo’s graphic memoir of life in relocation centers in California and Utah, illuminates this experience with poignant illustrations and witty, candid text.

And justice for all: an oral history of the Japanese American detention camps
Edited by John Tateishi
Recorded interviews with twenty-five Japanese Americans, who were among the 120,000 detained in relocation camps during World War II, reveal the scope of suffering and injustice involved.

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Challenge to Democracy 1944 government-produced film defending the incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II. The film focused heavily on the necessity of resettling inmates from the camps to the Midwest and East Coast.

Japanese Interment During WWII “The Nisei: The Pride and the Shame” Produced in 1965 as part of the “Twentieth Century” TV series with Walter Cronkite, The Pride and the Shame tells the story of the Japanese internment. This film uses some of the same footage as The Challenge to Democracy, but with very different commentary.