Student Ambassadors

Aaron Wynhausen, 3L

Joplin, MO

Undergrad Institution:
University of Missouri

Political Science


Hello. My name is Aaron Wynhausen and I am currently a 3L here at Mizzou Law. I am originally from Joplin, tucked into the SW corner of Missouri. I graduated from Mizzou in 2011 with a degree in Political Science and minor in Economics. After completing undergrad, I spent five years exploring the job market and the world before deciding to take the plunge and go to law school.

During my time between studies, I either lived full-time, or spent many months, in: Kansas City (twice), Huntington Beach, London, Puerto Escondido (Mexico), and Jūrmala (Latvia). I’m grateful for the opportunities I had to experience such a vast array of interesting places and cultures, but I couldn’t be more excited to be back in Columbia at this fantastic school. Taking some time off helped me tremendously and I came back to school focused and prepared for the hard work required to earn a J.D.

My plan was always to attend law school, and Mizzou Law was always near the top of my list. There were many factors that led to my final decision to enroll here. First, was the friendliness of the admissions staff and faculty when I came for my visit. From the moment I walked in the door, everyone knew my name and they seemed very excited to get to know me. Second, the facilities in Hulston Hall are outstanding. As students, the faculty wants us to be successful and they provide all the necessary tools we need to learn, not just about the law, but also how to be effective lawyers. Third, Columbia is a great town and I can’t wait to spend the next two years here. There is always something to do when I need a break from studying, the people are friendly, and the cost of living is super affordable. Finally, there is a real sense of community at Mizzou Law, which I felt immediately. Other schools I visited didn’t have that same feeling of camaraderie, and it really made Mizzou stand out.

I can’t recommend this school and this city enough. If you have questions about anything, my email is above and I would be happy to speak to you. Congrats on choosing law school, I hope to see you here next fall!