Student Ambassadors

Adam Wright, 3L

Palmyra, MO

Undergrad Institution:
University of Missouri



Welcome to Mizzou Law! My name is Adam Wright and I am a third-year law student from Palmyra, MO. I graduated from Mizzou in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and a Minor in History. While in undergrad I worked for the Mizzou Football team as a student worker in the recruiting department. Like most biochemistry majors I started out as pre-med. I learned fairly early on that I really did not want to be a doctor, but I loved science and I wanted to continue with biochemistry. I did not consider going to law school until late in my undergrad. Once I learned that there were many career paths in law for someone with a science background, I committed myself fully to going to law school.

When choosing on a law school Mizzou was always one of my top choices. Being close to home, going here for my undergrad, and the incredible faculty made me want to go to law school here. I made my decision to attend Mizzou final after attending their admitted students’ day. It was then I saw how different Mizzou was from other law schools; Mizzou actually cared about its students. After talking to the student body and the faculty, there was never another choice about where to go. Everyone made you feel welcome and the atmosphere of people helping each other is something special among this law school. If you have any questions about law school, Missouri, or biochemistry please feel free to contact me. Go Tigers!