Student Ambassadors

Brionna Pratt, 1L

Houston, TX

Undergrad Institution:
University of Missouri

Political Science/Economics


Hey Y’all! My name is Brionna Pratt and I am currently a 1L at Mizzou Law. I was born and raised in Houston, Texas (the best city and state EVER), I have a twin brother, and I know American Sign Language. I also attended the University of Missouri-Columbia for my undergraduate career where I recently graduated with degrees in both Economics and Political Science.

Attending law school has always been a dream of mine. Originally, I had no intention on applying to Mizzou for law school because I attended Mizzou for undergrad. After working in the law school for two years, I realized that the environment within the law school was substantially different than that of undergrad. Mizzou law is honestly a hidden gem. The faculty, staff, and students are always approachable for help and they genuinely care about you as an individual. As an undergraduate student, I reached out to them with all of my concerns. I was completely lost in the law school application process and did not know where to start. They were there for me throughout the entire process and gave me some great pointers and advice. I grew to love the environment and could not see myself attending any other law school. The environment of the law school here is so lovable and genuine unlike some other law schools where it is more cutthroat in nature. Students here look out for each other and I think that that is the beauty of Mizzou Law.

My biggest fear during the application process was not having the LSAT scores to get into law school. We are often told that your LSAT score can make or break your application. I know that some people freak out about their LSAT scores like I did, but speaking from experience, Mizzou law looks at the full applicant rather than just the number they received on their LSAT, which is amazing. Make sure you build a strong application and do not panic about your LSAT scores. It does not determine your future. Also, take advantage of any free resources available for LSAT prep.

Never be afraid to reach out for help. If you are feeling lost in the process, call or email admissions or an ambassador. We are always here to help. We’ve all been through the process and we understand what you are feeling. Feel free to contact me any time. I would love to share whatever I can to help you through this process.