Student Ambassadors

Chandni Patel, 3L

Chicago, IL

Undergrad Institution:
University of Illinois

Psychology & Communications


Hey everyone! My name is Chandni Patel and I am a 3L at Mizzou Law! I was born and raised in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. In my opinion Chicago is one of the best cities in the nation! I graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Communication. Not only is Columbia new to me, Missouri in general is not a state I knew much about prior to attending Mizzou Law. After visiting the law school for the first time, I immediately knew this was where I wanted to receive my legal education.

When choosing a law school, the environment and the people I was going to be spending the next three years with was an essential element to figuring out where I wanted to be. I found that at Mizzou Law, that not only does every faculty member and student help each other out, but they also care about you on a personal level. Everyone at this law school wants to see you succeed and they will do whatever it takes to help you attain your goals.

Along with the fabulous environment here at Mizzou Law, I found the quality of education and affordable tuition also reasons that made my decision easier. The school offers a plethora of student organizations and excellent connections with successful alumni. I can already see myself having lifelong friendships with the people I have met. Choosing to attend Mizzou Law has by far been one of the best decisions I have made, both on a professional and personal level.