Student Ambassadors

Don Quinn, 2L

Seattle, WA & Annapolis, MD

Undergrad Institution:
Washington State University

Social Sciences


Hello. My name is Donald Quinn and I am currently a 2L here at Mizzou Law. My story is slightly different because I am a non-traditional student that came back to law school after a long sabbatical. It had been over 19 years since I was last in a classroom, and so it was important for me to find the right school and the right culture to finish my dream of becoming a lawyer.

My life is very full, outside of law school, since I have a family and own a small business. When I am not here at Hulston Hall I spend my time with my wife and kids, playing with the dog, or planning our annual pilgrimage to Disney World. Family time, for us, is visiting the local parks and hiking spots, sampling different food, and doing things like taking in a movie or visiting the bowling alley with the kids. This time off is critically important to law school, and I am learning a deeper appreciation for the amenities that Columbia has to offer. Columbia truly is a multi-cultural city that has something for everyone.

Over the course of my life I have lived overseas, travelled extensively, served in the military, and have found that it is often uncomfortable for me to find the things that make me comfortable in a new home. Since I always intended to go back and complete law school, the decision on where to go came down to where me and my family could feel at home. Columbia is a great city for diversity, entertainment options, and all within a smaller city feel. At the same time, there are some excellent schools in the area, for my kids, and the wide-open spaces around Columbia make this an amazing place to be. Specifically, Mizzou offered me something that none of the other law schools offered; a sense of place and family.

The warmth, the friendliness and the feeling of being part of a family was the reason why Mizzou quickly stood out for me and why I ultimately chose to come here. I encourage anyone thinking about law school, come see us and find out why we love it so much.