Student Ambassadors

Grace Shemwell, 3L

Clinton, IA

Undergrad Institution:
Valparaiso University

English and Philosophy


Hey all! My name is Grace and I am a third-year law student at Mizzou Law. Funny enough this isn’t my first time at Mizzou. I was born in St. Louis to two awesome alumni, and I spent every summer in Columbia with my grandparents. Even after my family moved to Clinton, Iowa, I came back often. While I strayed from my roots for my undergraduate degree at Valparaiso in Indiana, I had to come back once more to become a Tiger.

Unlike most people in law school, I have always wanted to be a lawyer and I have always known I’ve wanted to work in juvenile law. Juvenile law can be hard to study and practice. This is part of the reason I came to Mizzou. The collaborative nature of the students and staff, the affordable education, and the welcoming and encouraging atmosphere made me feel right at home. I love being at a big school while integrating myself into this tight-knit community. I find any excuse to wear Black and Gold, and my living room may or may not look like a spirit store. If you have any questions about anything please feel free to contact me! I’d love to listen and talk your ear off about how much I love Mizzou!