Student Ambassadors

Jack Gilkey, 1L

Lamar, MO

Undergrad Institution:
University of Columbia

Chemical Engineering


My name is Jack Gilkey and I’m from Lamar, Missouri. I received my undergraduate degree in chemical engineering at Mizzou and am ecstatic to be continuing my education here another three years! I enjoyed engineering, but I really loved how much more personal law was.

There are a lot of law schools to choose from, but you will not find a more welcoming atmosphere than you will here in Columbia. From the very beginning, Mizzou Law’s faculty, staff, and fellow students helped me with the difficult transition. The LSAT tried to quantify all my logical reasoning skills into one number, past professors and bosses discussed my academic rigor and work ethic in just a couple of paragraphs, and I was forced to summarize my entire life history and future aspirations in less words than an average Reddit thread. Despite this, Mizzou saw me as an individual and not just my LSAC number, something I didn’t feel or receive elsewhere.

Applying to law school is scary, and if you’re actually taking the time to look through student profiles, that probably means you have questions. Questions that I probably asked myself when I was deciding on law, specifically here at Mizzou. Shoot me an email! I’m here to provide you with honest answers about law and my theories and thoughts on Harry Potter. I look forward to hearing from you and being your classmate!