Student Ambassadors

Jacob Busker, 2L

Unionville, MO

Undergrad Institution:
University of Missouri

Interdisciplinary Studies


Hello! My name is Jake Busker and I am currently a second-year student here at Mizzou Law. I am from a small town in northern Missouri, and was lucky enough to complete my undergraduate education at Mizzou.

Simply put, the University of Missouri is a very special place. The campus is charming, the faculty is welcoming, and the students are passionate. It has been home to me for the last six years, and there are still new and exciting things I get to experience each day. Mizzou Law was an easy choice for me. The school offers an excellent, and affordable, education in almost any area of law you could hope to practice. Each and every member of the faculty is friendly and engaging, genuinely caring about your understanding and growth. In addition, Columbia is the perfect college town to live in.

Reading this, I realize it sounds like I am crafting an advertisement for the school. The truth is, everything here is really as good as it sounds. Myself, and the other ambassadors, do this because we want to share our experiences with you and pass along our fortune in finding a home at our law school. Mizzou is something you really have to experience first-hand to understand. I encourage you to stop by the school and say hi to see it for yourself!