Student Ambassadors

Jonathan Doss, 3L

Saint Louis, MO

Undergrad Institution:
University of Missouri - Kansas City



Hi everyone! My name is Jonathan Doss, and I am currently a 3L from St. Louis, MO. I graduated from the University of Missouri-Kansas City in May of 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry. During undergraduate I was very involved on campus and in the community, including being a member of a fraternity as well as participating in countless community service activities. While applying to law school, I constantly found myself looking at Mizzou. I toured the campus, met with faculty and current students, and immediately knew that Mizzou was where I wanted to attend. The welcoming atmosphere of the campus, specifically at the law school, was unparalleled. Furthermore, it was very obvious that the small class sized posed significant advantages that would be helpful during my career in law school.

Mizzou offers the feel of a small school while on a large campus with endless possibilities. The friendship formed between classmates helps make the rigor of the program a bit easier. Additionally, the relationships that are developed during law school between faculty, classmates, and alumni, will carry over into the professional world. I believe that Mizzou is the most conducive atmosphere to create these connections. I am very pleased with my decision to attend Mizzou Law thus far. If you have any questions about applying to law school please do not hesitate to contact me!