Student Ambassadors

Kenyon Briggs, 2L

Kansas City, MO

Undergrad Institution:
Graceland University

Business Administration Accounting


Hello, my name is Kenyon Briggs and I am a 2L from Independence, MO (outside of KC). For my undergraduate degrees I went to an extremely small liberal arts school in Lamoni, IA called Graceland University. Ever heard of it? Probably not. I majored in Business and Accouting while also playing Men’s Volleyball for the school. I loved Graceland because of the close community, and that was something I was looking for with law school. So when it came time to pick a law school, Mizzou Law was an easy choice. While the student body at Mizzou is around 35,000 students, the law school is a very close community composed of just around 350 people. The professors are knowledgable, friendly and encourage students to ask them questions before, during, and after class.  While I’ve only been at Mizzou Law for a short time, I am very happy with my decision. If you have any questions about Mizzou or law school in general I welcome you to ask me.