Student Ambassadors

Lace Cline, 2L

Lace Cline

Raymore, MO

Undergrad Institution:

Interdisciplinary Studies


Hi! My name is Lace Cline and I am a 3L. I’m a “military brat” so I grew up all over the country. Before I went to college my family settled in Raymore, Mo. (located outside of Kansas City). I attended Mizzou for undergrad and graduated in 2012 with a degree in Women’s and Gender Studies.

For me, attending Mizzou’s law school was a no brainer. The faculty made me feel at home from the very moment I began inquiring about the law program and have continued to make me feel like a valued person as opposed to a number.

At Mizzou, the atmosphere is very friendly and family like. And although we are all in competition with each other, we still help each other out.

There are many reasons why I am glad I chose Mizzou. The classes are reasonably sized creating an intimate environment for you to get to know your classmates. The professors are always willing to help you and they try to make the process of going to get help as least intimidating as possible.

The law school isn’t far from other important buildings such as the bookstore or restaurants, which comes in handy for study breaks. There are always events going on at the law school, on campus, and in Columbia that can satisfy an array of interests (such as film festivals and concerts featuring the latest musicians). Being in Columbia is like living in a big city because there is always something to do but it has a pleasant, small-town feel to it.

Overall, there are many perks to attending Mizzou. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.