Student Ambassadors

Margarete Lamons, 2L

Millstadt, IL

Undergrad Institution:
Florida Southern College



My name is Margarete Lamons and I am in my second year of law school here at Mizzou! I’m from a small town just on the Illinois side of St. Louis, and graduated with by Bachelors of Science in Business Administration in December 2015 from Florida Southern College.

Going so far away for undergrad, I was ready to come a little closer to home for law school. Touring schools I was looking for a place that felt a little like home, and Mizzou Law wholeheartedly met that standard. I was blown away by how genuinely friendly everyone was here, and how they wanted to help me succeed. And, I was even more pleasantly surprised when that attitude remained true even after starting school.

Not only are the students and admission staff supportive, but the teachers give so much of their time to make sure you succeed. In my first month of law school, I already had two teachers offer to take anyone in the class who wanted out to lunch. In addition, most have open door policies or give out their email or personal numbers for immediate responses on any questions you may have. Every professor has more impressive credentials than the last, and genuinely want to help connect you with people that can further your career and interests.

Mizzou Law will not only teach you the law, but how to be a lawyer. It’s the practical aspects of their education that sealed the deal for me. The relentless effort of the career office to help you find internships and networking opportunities, the renowned clinics that give you real experience before graduation, and finally the writing and lawyering classes that teach you how to effectively practice the law on a daily basis is what sets Mizzou Law apart.

Of course law school is a TON of work, but that’s part of the reason why there’s so many student organizations to help remind you of your interests that drove you to want to be a lawyer (civil rights, protect justice through criminal prosecution, etc.), new interests (transaction and tac law, space law, etc.), and just general destress, fun groups (Phi Alpha Delta, SBA, etc.) There’s always something going on (usually involving free food), and it’s easy and pretty relaxed to get involved your first year. Even as a 1L you can try out and make our competitive Arbitration and mock trial teams.

Choosing a law school is a huge decision. There’s so many different factors that have different weight for each person. Though I’m just a first year and may not know much, I was very recently in your shoes, and would love to help answer any questions you have!