Student Ambassadors

Nikki Clark, 3L

Blytheville, AR

Undergrad Institution:
Arkansas State University



Hi! My name is Nikki Clark, and I am currently a 3L. I am from Blytheville, Ark., and I attended Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, Ark. for undergrad. At Arkansas State, I was heavily involved in the Moot Court Team and the Sound of the Natural State Marching Band. I played clarinet in case anyone was wondering!

When deciding where I wanted to law school, a major factor that I considered was location. Prior to law school, I had never been outside of Arkansas for more than a week and those trips were for school functions. I honestly could not fathom going out-of-state for law school. During the spring semester of my junior year of college, my pre-law club took a trip to visit some of the law schools in Missouri, and Mizzou was one of four law schools that we came to see. After that trip, I decided that there was nothing stopping me from branching out and leaving Arkansas. I appreciated the welcoming atmosphere during my visit to Mizzou.

In the months that I have been here in Columbia, I have met many new people and made many great friends. Only a short time ago, I was applying to law school just like you are now so if you have any questions about Mizzou or attending an out-of-state law school, feel free to email or call!