Student Ambassadors

Rebecca Charles, 2L

Lebanon, MO

Undergrad Institution:
Truman State University



My name is Rebecca and I’m a non-traditional student. In my case, that means I finished undergrad 11 years ago and I have a 3 year-old daughter. My law school experience may be a bit different because of that… my classmates have begun referring to me as “mom” and I love it. But the basics are all the same: we work hard, study long hours, do our best to balance law school with life, lean on each other for support, and celebrate the big and small victories together.

Here’s why I love Mizzou (and why I think you will, too): The professors are amazing. They all have impressive resumes, but they still genuinely care about the students. This means you can directly benefit from their knowledge and experience in ways that are not as accessible at bigger and/or more “prestigious” schools. The community is warm and welcoming. It’s not hard to make friends who share your values. There are opportunities to be involved and make an impact. Whether you’re interested in competitive trial teams or academic committees, there’s a place for your voice to be heard.

I came to law school because I wanted to be equipped to make a difference in the world. I believe most of my classmates feel the same way. Whether you want to practice transactional law or work for a non-profit, public service firm, Mizzou will prepare you to tackle the challenges with knowledge, professionalism, and a supportive network. I hope you give us a chance to win you over and please contact me directly if you want to chat about specific topics. Best wishes in your law school pursuits!