Student Ambassadors

Tiixa Chukwuezi, 2L

Boston, MA

Undergrad Institution:
Boston College



Hi, my name is Tiixa Chukwuezi. I am from Boston, MA and I attended Boston College for ungrad (go eagles!). I have always been interested in law, but I chose to take a few years off before law school to gain some real world experience. My interest in International Relations led me to explore countries like China and Taiwan, where I studied the language, worked within the local community and lived amongst the natives. As I learned about each country’s unique legal system, I became more interested in law, and ultimately decided to attend law school.

I chose to study law at Mizzou because of its reasonable tuition, strong support system, and diverse student body. As a non-traditional, out-of-state student it was important for me to find a law school that would embrace people like me. At Mizzou, many students have prior work experience and come from all over the country. I also appreciate the friendly atmosphere here at Mizzou. Everyone is very approachable and willing to help. If I can be of any help to you, feel free to contact me!