Student Ambassadors

Tola Adedipe, 1L

Cleveland, OH

Undergrad Institution:
Miami University

Political Science


Gooday Everyone! My name is Adetola (Tola) Adedipe, and I am a 1L at Mizzou Law. I was born in Toledo, Ohio and raised in Orange Village, Ohio which is located about twenty minutes outside of Cleveland. I attended Miami University of Ohio in Oxford, which is the second oldest university in Ohio! I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science.

My initial intent was never to come to law school. When I began my academic journey into university, I was set on pursuing a career in medicine. For a large part of my life medicine was all I knew, and I had never explored any academic fields outside of the natural science. As I began to become unsatisfied with my journey I was encouraged by my brother and sister to explore different fields and find something that makes me happy. I knew I always loved the historical side of education, and that’s how I came across the wonders of political science and the legal profession.

My decision to attend Mizzou law was primarily based off the statistical value of the school. I was highly impressed with the way the university provided Its student with multiple opportunities for success, and adequately prepares its student for the Bar. It wasn’t until I moved to Columbia that I began to fall in love with the city and the university. My decision to come to Mizzou Law is a choice I would never trade-off. As I learn more about the campus, and the individual who call this place home, I am continually impressed by the spirit and motivation of each of them. At the end of the day, my decision to attend Mizzou Law is a choice I know I can be proud of.

Please feel free to email me with any question you may have concerning the Law School, I will gladly reach out to you and address any of these questions.