Student Ambassadors

Trevor Woodland, 1L

Detroit, MI

Undergrad Institution:
University of Missouri

Political Science


Hey everybody! My name is Trevor Woodland and I am a 1L here at Mizzou. I’m from Detroit, MI, and I’m a loyal fan to all Detroit sports (Go Lions! Go Tigers! Go Pistons! Go Red Wings!). I graduated from Mizzou in 2018 with a degree in Political Science.

My road to Mizzou Law was an interesting one. I’m not the person who has wanted to be a lawyer since he was younger, and I started my undergraduate career as a Computer Engineer and stayed in that major for three and a half years. There is more to the story, one that I love to tell, so I invite you to please stop me and ask if you like. Basically, there’s no one path to law school, and here at Mizzou Law, you will see that.

I chose Mizzou Law because of the interactions I had with the faculty and students at the law school while I was an undergrad. There’s a reason you will hear everybody say it feels like a family here, because it actually does. The way students look out for each other and how the faculty embraces everyone is unmatched. You can also get the small school feel with the law school, but still experience the big school feel with Mizzou’s campus.

This is a great school. I’m very pleased and proud to have chosen to attend for law school. If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email. I would love to help in whatever way I can.