Student Ambassadors

Whitney McMurdie, 3L

Whitney McMurdie

Dublin, CA

Undergrad Institution:
University of California-Davis

Political Science


Hello future students! My name is Whitney McMurdie and I am a 3L at Mizzou. I’m from Dublin, CA, and I received my BA from UC Davis, where I majored in Political Science with a Minor in Sociology. While at Davis I worked as a swim instructor and research assistant for a R.N./ legal nurse consultant and I was a member of the UC Davis Triathlon team. Before Mizzou, my entire life revolved within an hour radius of the Bay Area. As a result, I am often asked why I chose to come to Mizzou.

I initially heard about the school through my boyfriend who was an undergrad at Mizzou while I was applying. After asking him a lot about the school, I was able to visit Mizzou and it immediately changed my perception of the Midwest. When I was accepted to Mizzou, I already knew I liked the campus, but what really made my decision was the cost-benefit analysis. I am very systematic about how I make big decisions in my life, and looking at what Mizzou offered in comparison to other schools made Mizzou the easy choice for me. I am very happy that I chose to come to Mizzou, and immediately felt like I had a new home away from home due to the friendliness of all of the faculty and students here! The small class sizes have been very instrumental in helping create a sense of community among the students, which I feel is very unique to Mizzou.

Deciding on where to go to law school is a big decision for everyone, but should you have questions I would be happy to help you!