Professor Reuben joined the Law School in 2000, coming from Harvard Law School, where he was a William and Flora Hewlett Senior Fellow in Dispute Resolution and an Instructor in Negotiation. He had previously earned his Masters and Doctor of Law at Stanford Law School.

Professor Reuben is the co-author of one of the countryís leading ADR casebooks, Dispute Resolution & Lawyers (4th ed. 2009) (with Leonard L. Riskin, James Westbrook, Chris Guthrie, and Jennifer K. Robbennolt). His articles have appeared in the California Law Review, UCLA Law Review, Harvard Negotiation Law Review, Law & Contemporary Problems (Duke), and the SMU Law Review, among others. His research emphasizes the relationship between dispute resolution and law, as well as democratic governance. He is also one of the nationís leading authorities on confidentiality in ADR processes, and served as a Reporter for the Uniform Mediation Act, which has been adopted in several states. He is a Senior Fellow at the law school's Center for the Study of Dispute Resolution, and co-director of the Center for the Study of Conflict, Law and the Media, a partnership of the Law School and the internationally regarded Missouri School of Journalism.

A lawyer and journalist, Professor Reuben covered the U.S. Supreme Court and other legal issues for the ABA Journal, the Los Angeles and San Francisco Daily Journals, and other publications for more than a decade. He is a member of the Editorial Board of Dispute Resolution's Magazine, a quarterly publication of the American Bar Association, from 1996-2007, and is chair of the ABA Section of Dispute Resolutionís Committee on Public Policy, Participation, and Democracy. He served for two years as the Associate Director of the Stanford Center for Conflict and Negotiation at Stanford University, and on the Board of Directors of the Conflict Resolution Information Project for five years. He does trainings in negotiation and conflict management, and consults with both government and private entities.

Professor Reuben's primary teaching assignments at Missouri are Negotiation, Conflict and Conflict Management, Election Law, Legislation, Local Government Law, and Administrative Law. He has also taught at Stanford Law School, Harvard Law School, Pepperdine Law School, Hamline Law School, Central European University in Hungary, and Johannes Kepler University in Austria.