Locker Policy

Lockers will be assigned to J.D. candidates at the beginning of their 1L year during orientation or at some point designated by the Board of Governors that is prior to the beginning of class for the fall semester. Lockers will not be available for LLM students or students who are assigned to another college/professional school regardless of whether or not they are taking classes at the law school.

Lockers will be assigned based on availability on a first come, first served basis. Locker assignments will be handed out in numerical order beginning with the lowest number and proceeding to the highest number./

The Student Services Committee will maintain a list of locker numbers, the respective combinations and assigned students. Students are not allowed to obtain the locker combination of another student’s locker. If a student needs, loses, or forgets their locker combination any member of the Board of Governors may provide that student with the combination provided:

  • The member is familiar enough with the requesting student that they can positively identify that student as the student assigned to the locker.
  • The requesting student produces a photo identification that confirms their identity prior to being told the locker combination.
  • The member is able to positively identify the requesting student as the assigned student through some other means that involves a positive identification other than oral statements.

No later than two weeks prior to the start of finals in the spring semester the chairperson of the Student Services committee will send an email notice to all third year students and post notices on bulletin boards that announce:

  • The date that the lockers will be cleaned out.
  • That all students who are continuing on at the law school past the traditional three year period must notify the chairperson of the Student Services committee, in writing or via email, that they will be continuing on at the law school no later than a date two weeks before the scheduled clean out.
  • That if no notice is given to the chairperson of the committee by the assigned date then their locker will be cleaned out and the items left in the locker will be discarded.

Based on the availability of space and resources, the chairperson of the Student Services committee may elect to hold on to items that were left in a locker that is cleaned out at the student’s request. Any items held must be picked up by the owner no later than the first day of classes for the fall semester. Any items still in the possession of SBA after the first day of classes will be considered abandoned and disposed of in any manner the chairperson or the Board sees fit. The chairperson must notify the requesting student of this deadline and the fact that items will subsequently be disposed of at or near the time that the request is made.

Once a student is assigned a locker they will maintain that locker during their tenure at the law school. SBA will not reassign the locker unless there are circumstances present that warrant a reassignment. It shall be up to the discretion of the executive board and the chairperson of the Student Services committee whether or not a situation warrants a reassignment.

Outside Resources

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