Externship Program

Program Structure


Only students who have completed their first year of law school and are in good academic standing can register for the Externship course.


  • Externship opportunities are available during fall semester, spring semester, and summer session.
  • Students are limited to a total of six hours of externship credit. Graded S/U.
  • For three credits, externs will work for a total of 150 hours at the placement sites of their choice where they will be supervised by attorneys and judges who have agreed to serve as mentors. For two credits, externs will
  • work a total of 100 hours at their placement sites.
  • Students will be permitted to register for the Externship during two or three semesters or summer sessions.
  • Students can earn no more than three externship credits during any one semester or summer session.


To receive Externship credit, a student must arrange a placement with a public interest group, non-profit organization, prosecutor or defender office, federal or state agency, or court. The student must also identify a licensed attorney who works for the organization and who has agreed to be the student’s supervisor. Information about placements can be found on Symplicity and through the Career Development Office.

Ordinarily students cannot receive externship credit for working at private law firms. However, a student can serve as an extern for an attorney in private practice so long as the student is assisting only with pro bono work performed by that attorney. Such placements must be approved in advance by the law school.

Students cannot receive compensation for their work as externs.