I have so many memories from the inaugural (and 2nd annual) Heinsz Runs in 2005 and 2006.  I remember the collective sadness in the summer of 2004 from the law school and the community of Columbia upon learning of Professor/Dean Heinsz passing.  I remember the memorial service and hearing all the stories about Tim not only there but in the following weeks and months.  I remember Dean Bailey’s wonderful tribute (http://scholarship.law.missouri.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1481&context=jdr) and recollections.  I think about the email I received from Professor Heinsz just a week before his passing in which he invited me to swing by his office to chat about me working with him as a TA during my 2L year.  I continue to keep that email in my inbox to this day.  I remember all the race planning meetings and of course the radio interview with Mary Jane.

But most of my memories (and what this race has come to mean to me) center around the friendships of my classmates and the law school collegiality/family atmosphere.  Being in law school is both stressful and busy and planning a 5K race/walk (and now 10K) is no easy task.  And I am so impressed how each successive class has made this race bigger and better.  The MU law school is quite unique in how close-knit the classes are and how strong the bond is between the faculty and the students.  I personally think this race/event is an opportunity for the students to show thanks to the law school and its faculty.  We have sadly lost a number of wonderful faculty members in the past decade.  While originally borne out of the passing of Professor Heinsz and now Professor/Dean Devine (and Professor Scott), this race is a celebration of not only their memory but all of the faculty who have meant so much to us while in law school.

John Ayres

Class of 2006