It’s just under a week before the 5k, and I just realized that I haven’t been training.  Are any of you in the same boat?  Luckily, if you’ve at least been doing one run per week, you should have no problem finishing.  If you’re at all worried about running the entire 5k, just remember that the most important thing is to HAVE FUN!  Stop and walk if you need to.

If you’ve been training, good for you!  This week is the week to start tapering.  I posted an article last year about tapering, so if you want to know more about that, click on the tag at the end of this post.  I also posted last year about pre- and post- run meals, so be sure to keep that in mind as you get ready for race day (again, I’ve tagged those items at the end of this post to make it easier for you to find last year’s articles).

Are you planning on bringing your dog on the 5k run?  Make sure you give him plenty of water beforehand.  We will provide water pools for the dogs post-race as well as some yummy treats.  Remember that dogs only have a pant and minimal sweat glands in their feet, so they may struggle to stay cool during the run.

Don’t try anything new on the day of the race…while it may end up working out great, you don’t want to risk feeling terrible during the race.  If you want to experiment, you have this week to try out pre- and post- run routines.

Here’s a quote by Thomas Edison to keep you motivated this week:

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is  always to try just one more time.”